The Art of Working on a Wellness Goal

January 2024

Time goes by so fast, and with it, some of our goals and desires.  Wellness is a topic that tends to be first on the list but disappears over time.  It’s the number one rollover topic every new year. We mean well, but something is missing that motivates us to follow through.

Most importantly, start by loving yourself just the way you are!  Make changes because you want to improve, not because you are imperfect.  Empower the relationship with “self” and unleash your full potential!

Know your “why.”  “Just because…” may not be a good motivator.  Do you want to:
  • Feel better physically?
  • Feel lighter emotionally.
  • Live your best health?
Know your “what.”
  • Are you starting to feel hormonal challenges?
  • Is a test result not quite where it should be?
  • Are the pounds adding up?
  • Is fatigue getting the best of you?
  • Are you on edge most of the time?
  • Is a lack of quality sleep catching up to you?
  • Are you starting to notice memory issues?
  • Do you want to do everything possible to leave cancer in the past?
  • Do you want to age as strong as possible?

Incorporate motivating factors.

✔ Release expectations
✔ Release the focus on results –just do.
✔ Release perfectionism – it doesn’t have to be 100%. 
✔ Think of small, doable steps
✔ Adopt a “can do” mindset
✔ Seek out a supporting partner
✔ Remember your why!

Critical to making it happen

Ensure you have the necessary tools for what you want to accomplish, such as:

✔ Finding the right online program or book as a guide
✔ Seeking a consultation with a professional to flush out the “how.”
✔ Having an exercise/movement plan that fits you

Use your phone calendar.  Schedule your activity with a notification sound. Make time as you would any meeting or event.  If you skip it once in a while, it’s okay!  If this becomes the norm, revisit the process – you may find something else is more important to you.

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Disclaimer: The information in this blog is intended for educational purposes only. As a Board-Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, I do not diagnose or treat disease, an area well attended by licensed physicians. Instead, I identify healing opportunities within the body. Once identified, function and health may be restored by rebalancing the underlying causes and conditions of health challenges. Rebalancing the body’s systems can be a proven stabilizer adjunctive to medical protocols. Not all recommendations
may be appropriate for everyone. Due diligence and a consultation with your physician before engaging in alternative concepts or protocols are recommended.

To your health,

Dr. Gerda
Doctor of Natural Medicine
Aging Strong and Holistic Cancer Risk Reduction Consultant

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