Q. P. Wellness

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Integrative Health – Tapping into Your Body’s Intelligence

Health is a precious gift and maintaining good health can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Ask yourself:

What is your health goal?

  • Help your body to truly heal from a chronic illness with the right program?
  • Prevent illness and disease?
  • More energy? More vitality?
  • Keep up with your children/grandchildren?
  • Participate in vacation and sports activities?
  • A winter without the flu – a spring without asthma?
  • Live a healthy life into old age?
  • Successful results from a new nutritional program?

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My Approach to Enable Your Healing Process

My model of Integrative Health addresses each client’s unique lifestyle blueprint, nutritional habits, stress levels and physiological functional blockages.  Recommendations for lifestyle changes will help remove external stress (environmental, nutritional, emotional). Sources of Internal stress (hormonal, adrenal, immune, digestive, pathogen) are uncovered and removed through specific protocols coupled with cellular healing and detoxification.  Ultimately, the five pillars of health (oxidation, regeneration, elimination, detoxification, and immune) are restored to regain optimum health and lasting change. Chronic illness does not have to be a life sentence.

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