A Diet is Temporary – Your Nutritional Groove is for Life

What is a nutritional groove?  I chose that term because we need flexibility in life.  Standing by a goalpost has become the norm, and we have forgotten there is much middle ground to explore.  

“Groove” means performing well, excellent, and up-to-date.  The term is often used in different aspects, specifically with a smooth working routine that generates good results.  I think it’s a perfect fit for nutrition.  Let’s explore what that looks like. 

A diet is a plan followed the same way day after day without consideration of changing demands and with little consideration for personal needs.  Many programs are centered around counting calories or macros, even though one calorie can be very different from another.   This agonizing numbers exercise dehumanizes the natural flow of nutritional intake. 

We have the paleo, keto, carnivore, pescatarian, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting, sirtfood, vegan, and vegetarian diets at our fingertips.  Each has its pros and cons; not all are good for everyone, and each has been marketed as the best.  I understand that adopting a certain diet is good for serious illnesses such as cancer or autoimmune. Otherwise,  why adopt any of these as a set diet?  Why not mix up your week with meals that span the list in the name of clean eating,  flexibility, and variety?  You can take a meal from each diet and enjoy the change.  My friends have looked at my bookshelf filled with cooking books, and they all asked, “Which diet are you on? You have them all covered.”  My answer is none of the above, I use recipes from all of them!

During the course of one day, you may want to eat a meal higher in carbs, then tone it down for the rest of the day.  Or you may want to eat a meal with meat, then vegetarian or vegan for the rest of the day.  Why be locked in a small box?

Being in a nutritional groove means having flexibility, addressing changing demands, and giving your body what it needs daily with a foundation of clean eating.

Many things can change your nutritional requirements.  

  • Being stressed, having allergies, and doing a high-impact exercise routine may require different levels of nutrients than a relaxing weekend.  
  • Eating vegan or vegetarian for a few days and not feeling yourself may indicate the need for meat or fish protein.  This is my experience.
  • Any type of illness may drive certain nutrients up or down, such as less meat and more vegetables.

Understanding the impact of daily activities on your mind and body and how you feel are important factors that shape your nutritional groove. What is the “nutrition” in that equation?  Let’s take a look.

Most will say that good nutrition is eating clean, and I agree.  Some of the very basic tenants are:

  • Good oils such as avocado oil, virgin olive oil, coconut oil
  • Grass-fed dairy, meat/chicken protein
  • Organic vegetables when possible
  • No processed foods
  • Eliminate simple carbs, gluten, sugar, MSG
  • No fruit juice except tart cherry, spring water, green/herbal teas, clean low-acid coffee
  • Limit caffeine, limit alcohol

If you want to eat or drink anything else occasionally, then do it!  Don’t let the health and wellness gurus instill fear of eating ice cream, fast food, restaurant food, a friend’s non-grass-fed BBQ, drinking alcohol, or that one Coke.  

By saying “no” to something you desire occasionally, you create resistance, which creates a stress response.  Say “no” because you got to a place where you no longer want it. Be at peace with it.

I’m sure there are many people who are perfect at eating clean.  I’m not one of them, and it’s ok.  Adjust your nutrition to be in sync with your day, whether you are getting over an illness, losing weight, eating out, or having fun on vacation.  Nutrition should be dynamic.  Adopt a 90/10 regimen or what is right for you. Make sure you test yearly (cholesterol, A1C, inflammatory markers, etc.) to see what your body says.  Adjust accordingly.

Develop your Nutritional Groove and leave dieting and perfection at the door!

To your health,

Dr. Gerda
Doctor of Natural Medicine
Functional Nutrition Diagnostic Practitioner
Holistic Cancer Consultant

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is intended for educational purposes only.   As a Board-Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, I do not diagnose or treat disease, an area well attended by licensed physicians.  Instead, I identify healing opportunities within the body, such as the skeletal, hormones, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy, and cellular and nervous systems.  Once identified, function and health may be restored by correcting the underlying causes and conditions of health challenges.  Rebalancing the body’s systems can be a proven stabilizer adjunctive to medical protocols.  Everyone is an individual, and not all recommendations may be appropriate. Exercise due diligence and consult your physician before using alternative concepts or protocols. 

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