Natural Medicine Testimonials

Many people who were chronically ill have successfully rebuilt their health vice being in a state of symptom and disease management for the rest of their life. Everyone is worthy of living a life in optimum health!

My 10 year-old daughter started manifesting tics in her eyes and lower back all of a sudden in late October.  She also had strep throat but no other symptoms.  After speaking with several pediatricians who told me that she must have a sudden onset of Tourette’s and to hope for the best when the antibiotics didn’t work, I met Gerda at a networking event and decided to work with her.  After 2 sessions, Paige’s back tics went away and her mood was much more stable.  After 6 sessions, her eye tics went away completely.  When she got sick with a cold, they reappeared very mildly but Gerda helped strengthen her immune system and Paige is doing very well again.  Meeting Gerda was such a blessing for our family and I can’t thank her enough for helping my little girl with these tics that were really affecting her life.

Male 24 years old

I had been dealing with a variety of ambiguous yet debilitating health issues for more than two years before meeting Gerda.  Looking for a practitioner who could (and was willing to) specifically test the functioning of various body systems led me to her.  I needed someone who had a deep understanding and appreciation of how the body and mind work as a whole, both physically and energetically.

At the time of our first consultation, I was dealing with severe digestive issues, relentless fatigue, skin problems and heavy depression and anxiety.  With her experience, expertise and positive, forward thinking, I have made huge strides toward recovery.  In just six months I can say- without question – that I feel the happiest and most secure I have in my entire life.  I still have a little ways to go with my other health issues, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And thanks to Gerda, it’s very bright.

Female 55 years old

I can’t think enough for everything you have done for me.  You literally have saved my life.

After suffering for over 10 years becoming increasingly exhausted I thought there was no possible relief.  Years of test from MD’s with no relief I had just about given up.  I was beginning to think they were right that it was all in my head.  On my first visit you gave me hope – and a test quickly found out exactly what was wrong.

That day was 8 months ago and I now feel better than I have in at least 15 years.  My coaching business suffered as a result of the exhaustion, now I am completely full of clients and have a waiting list.  But the best think was a comment that my daughter made recently.  She asked me to “thank you for giving her her mother back.

You are literally the answer to my prayers.

Female 49 years old

I met Gerda one year ago at a health fair and that is when my life changed for the better.  I had been to many doctors complaining about feeling very tired and fatigued.  At one point I was taking a 3 and sometimes a 4 hour nap a day and that still didn’t help.  After many tests from many Doctors I was told I was in the normal range.  I was trying every supplement I could find that would help increase my energy but nothing worked.  After taking a test Gerda recommended, she was able to pin point the problem.  I was in Adrenal failure.  Gerda studied my test and figured out why I was in adrenal failure and came up with a supplement plan for me.  After a few months I started sleeping better at night and no more naps during the day.  Today I feel so much better and really appreciate the time and care Gerda has put into making my life much better.

Female 38 years old

I met Dr. Gerda in August 2014 when I visited my sister who lives in Virginia.  I wasn’t in the best health. Constant sweaty palms and face full of pimples.  I have been to different doctors and tried different remedies and nothing seems to work until I met Dr. Gerda.  Dr. Gerda took the time to listen to my problems and explain how things would work with her program.  More importantly, Dr. Gerda is reassuring and comforting.  When I got my adrenal test results, it was not the best news and I was devastated but Dr. Gerda assured me that it is reversible if we follow through with the program.  I have been with the program since September of 2014 and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

I no longer have sweaty palms and the pimples have subsided considerably.  Thank You so much for your remarkable work and I’m extremely grateful.    (Malaysia)

p.s Thank you for taking time to Skype with me whenever I have questions.

(I live in a different continent-12 hrs time difference)