Rebuilding Cellular Health – What in the world does that mean?

Our cells are amazing and complex – all 70-100 trillion of them.

They are strong and fragile at the same time.

One thing that cannot be disputed is that optimum health starts at the cellular level.


Our Cells – How we Stay Alive

  • Regulates the transfer of minerals, hormones, vitamins, and enzymes.
  • Produces energy through the mitochondria – ATP.
  • Keeps us hydrated.
  • Eliminates waste products such as carbon dioxide.
  • Facilitates intracellular communication.

The Membrane is Key

  • The membrane is a permeable fatty layer.
  • Regulates what moves in and out of the cell.
  • Communicates with other cells.
  • Has receptors that signal a cellular response such as insulin.

When It All Goes Wrong

  • Free radicals damage the cell membrane.
  • Toxins damage the cell membrane.
  • The membrane becomes blocked.
  • Waste material is trapped in and nutrients are trapped out.
  • Nutrition cannot be absorbed
  • Waste cannot be eliminated efficiently


THE ANSWER – Rebuild Cellular Health Through a Proven Process

Eliminate toxins
Regenerate the cell membrane
Restore cellular energy
Reduce inflammation
Reestablish methylation – turn off stress hormones

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