Pathogen Elimination is a MUST!

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Pathogens Will Rule!

A connection worth noting!

  • The gut and brain communicate
  • The  gut has 500 million neurons and produces 80% of body’s serotonin
  • Microbes can change our mood and behavior

Why pay so much attention to these critters?

  • We have 30 to 100 trillion in our body – more than stars in the milky way.
  • Together they weigh about 3 pounds same as the human brain.
  • Regulate functions such as digestion and mood
  • Out numbers our DNA 100:1
  • More than 1000 bacteria live in the mouth (100-200 species)
  • Provides nutrients we lack from food
  • Helps us digest food
  • A single bacterium can make 260 additional enzymes for digesting carbs

The Challenge

Pathogens, overgrown commensal (good) bacteria and fungus will rob the body of nutrients, fatigue  adrenals, create biofilm, cause inflammation, and put our immune system in a fight or flight mode that cannot turn off.

Pathogen elimination is a science and an art- Q. P. Wellness specializes in that process.