My Approach to Enable Your Healing Process

Healing Your Body with Natural Medicine

My model of Integrative Health addresses each client’s unique lifestyle blueprint, nutritional habits, stress levels and physiological functional blockages.  Recommendations for lifestyle changes will help remove external stress (environmental, nutritional, emotional). Sources of Internal stress (hormonal, adrenal, immune, digestive, pathogen) are uncovered and removed through specific protocols coupled with cellular healing and detoxification.  Ultimately, the five pillars of health (oxidation, regeneration, elimination, detoxification, and immune) are restored to regain optimum health and lasting change. Chronic illness does not have to be a life sentence.


Autoimmune Disorders – This is a disease of the immune system as a whole, not just the organ it affects.  Often times only the most visible symptoms are treated, overlooking the malfunctions of the body’s complex systems.  Don’t allow yourself to be held hostage by autoimmune!

Lyme Disease – Many times Lyme Disease includes prevalent co-infections of stealth bacteria that can cause a lifetime of discomfort.  As a result, healing may not be achieved after a short regimen of antibiotics.  I integrate the power of natural medicine with your medical team’s approach to help eliminate the hard-to-reach co-infections that cause fatigue and pain.

Cancer – After 10 rounds in the ring you will need some patching up.  Treatments such as chemotherapy can be damaging to your body’s functions.  Even if your prognosis is good, it’s extremely important to rebuild your health with a focus on cellular health and detoxification.

Please visit the Rebuilding Health From Chronic Illness page for detailed information.

Finding the underlying causes of symptoms and illness can be a challenge and it is important to take the “guess work” out of the equation.   I combine a very detailed individual assessment with a distinct set of functional lab work to identify malfunctions of systems within the body that need to be corrected in order to build health.  Our cells, organs, and systems always seek a state of ease and when we experience symptoms, we know something is wrong.

Please visit the Functional Diagnostics page for detailed information.