Heavy Metals, Toxins, and Pathogen Elimination

Why Detoxification from Heavy Metals is Important!

Toxins are the 3rd main cause of cellular inflammation


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  • Stores in the bones, blood and tissue.
  • Can be passed on to the fetus for 4 generations if left untreated.
  • Higher levels tend to be found in post menopausal women.
  • Potentially sourced by: pipes, house paint before 1978, storage batteries, art supplies, toys made outside the U.S., contaminated soil and cigarette fumes.
  • Prolonged exposure may increase risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease and reduced fertility.



  • Stores in the brain.  It can effect the heart, kidneys,  lungs, and immune system.
  • Inorganic mercury is sourced from amalgams and Thimerosal (organomercury compound) in vaccines.
  • The Flu vaccine has a fair amount of mercury.
  • Organic mercury is sourced from fish – less toxic.
  • Mercury can dysregulate your entire system.
  • It destroys intracellular communication.
  • Prolonged exposure may result in anxiety or depression.
  • It can make you hyperactive or fatigued.



  • Stores in the brain.  Aluminum is a dangerous neurotoxin.
  • Aluminum interferes with cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system.
  • It can replace calcium in the bones and be a source for fractures.
  • Prolonged exposure may cause brain fog and disease.
  • Aluminum is found in mint tea, anti-acids, skin remedies, and vaccines.




  • Found in food and drink such as artificial sweeteners and MSG
  • Found in beauty products that are chemical based Such as lipstick, nail varnish, shampoo, and toothpaste.
  • Found around the home such as ammonia based Cleansers and pesticides.
  • May cause neurological issues, immune dysfunction, free radical damage, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive complications, or migraines


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